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An Artist who writes


                                                   I've written for numerous U.S. Embassies, the 1st Art Gallery, Kyiv's American Cultural                                                                  Center, and many other awesome clients. I add color to your content, creating articles,                                                                exhibition content and essays that are interesting, informative and fun to read.


                                                    My writing has been included in two anthologies including A Cup of Culture and a Pinch                                                               of Crisis published by Tales from a Small Planet, I've written speeches for the American                                                               Ambassador to Ukraine, interviewed artists; and published articles about artistic icons. 


Full length works here:

U.S. Embassy Kyiv: Ambassador Yavanovich's speech about the changing media landscape and its social implications 

1st Art Gallery: Artist profiles including works by Carravagio, Hokusai, and Turner.

Looking for an art-savvy writer who can help you connect to your audience? Email me at

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